The Operating System for Supermarkets

Swiftly is your tool to digitally transform the relationship with your customers, grow your sales, increase store visits, and win customer loyalty.

Personalized Deals: Increase Your Average Basket Size

Over 70% of shoppers who use Swiftly rely on deals discovered in the app to plan their shopping trip. Shoppers who use Swiftly spend 50% more per trip.

Swiftly helps your store distribute the deals most relevant to each individual shopper. We take your best deals, leverage industry leading machine learning technology to determine which ones your customers care most about and serve them right to the phone. Customers today live online. Meet them there.

Digital Loyalty: Grow Your Same Store Sales

Swiftly’s Digital Loyalty Enhancements Increased Comp Stores Sales by 9.5%.

Swiftly is the digital extension to your store’s loyalty program, enabling your customers to use points to try new categories, explore personalized offers, and earn bonus points for shopping more frequently. Swiftly’s technology creates a habit-forming experience that boosts store visits and increases average basket size with a digital rewards program.

SwiftLane App Checkout: Increase Your Customer Visits

Customers who use Swiftly's App Checkout visit the store 40% more frequently because they know they can get in and out quickly.

Over 75% of grocery shoppers call out waiting in line as the single largest pain point when visiting brick and mortar stores.

Implement SwiftLane App Checkout to enable your customers to skip the line by scanning items and checking out on their phone. Our patent pending technology works without Wi-Fi, handles poor cellular connections with ease, and makes buying weighted produce easy. Our artificial intelligence and computer vision technology mean that our system worries about shrink, so you don’t have to.

Swiftly Subscriptions: Reach Your Customers Out of the Store

In 2018, US consumer packaged goods e-commerce sales totaled $58B. What percentage were yours?

Online retailers have been cannibalizing your center-of-store sales. Capture subscription purchases and take back control by leveraging Swiftly's Subscription Technology to tap into a network of brands ready to dropship to your customers’ homes on a schedule they choose. Grocery subscriptions are a winner-take-all market. Lock in recurring revenue while your competitors are still building infrastructure.

What People Are Saying

Swiftly enables supermarkets to solve more problems for their customers, strengthening relationships with customers both in-store and online. Swiftly brings the benefits of e-commerce to grocery retailers before online retailers bring grocery to e-commerce.
-Steven Mortensen, Former VP of Finance - Division CFO of The Kroger Co.
During my time at Harris Teeter, we were constantly evaluating technologies that would give us an edge over our competitors and secure our position as our customers’ primary supermarket. Swiftly gives grocers an all in one solution that hits all the marks for their digital needs without the need for costly integrations with piecemeal technologies.
-Thomas W. Dickson, Former Chairman, CEO & President of Harris Teeter Supermarkets, Inc.
We decided to work with Swiftly over a year ago. Since then, the team has delivered on everything they said they would. They have increased our basket size by 50% and frequency of visit by 40% for shoppers that use the application. As COO, deciding to work with Swiftly is the best decision I have made.
-Moses Hwang, COO of Zion Market
Swiftly gives brick and mortar supermarkets a significant advantage in competing for consumer grocery expenditures. I am excited about the possibilities that its technology will bring to the grocery industry.
-Sam McBride, Former COO of RXBAR
When I heard that Swiftly was processing 28% of gross merchandise volume in their first store launch after six months, I had to verify it for myself.  This team focuses on getting the thousands of microscopic details right.  This level of customer utilization is significant in the supermarket business and will be the differentiator that allows Swiftly to digitally transform grocers.
-Vivek Garipalli, Technology Entrepreneur and Investor

In the News

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